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Dear Lisa and Jeff,

Our competition experienced what could have been a disaster, but thanks to a few key factors we were able to successfully hold all events. Entryeeze was one of the key factors. We had a sheet of ice get soft and deemed unsafe after only one day of competition. Imagine the unplanned challenges we faced when that happened!

Although I hope no other club has to experience the same dilemma, I hope they're using Entryeeze. We were able to use Entryeeze to electronically notify our 700+ skaters about the situation and provide them with updated schedules as soon as the referee made the changes. With minimal effort, we plugged in the revamped schedules and all competitors and coaches could see the information online. Having the ability to make the schedule changes ourselves, print revised coaches' schedules, and email all participants really helped us disseminate the information efficiently and as quickly as possible in the wake of skating-competition-disaster.

This was the first year our club chose to use Entryeeze and both of you were so helpful. You took time to give our co-chairs an online demonstration, discuss options and answer questions. For the duration of the event (set-up, accepting entries, entering schedules, selling practice ice and more), you were available when we needed assistance. Our treasurer appreciated the regular financial updates and the ability to get detailed reports. The co-chairs appreciated the "eeze" of administering the competition and the participants provided positive feedback. I can't imagine not using Entryeeze for future events!

Laura Lott and Kathy Jensen, Co-Chairs
Northland Competition 2011
Duluth Figure Skating Club
Duluth, MN


Our club has been looking for a way to do online entry for some time.  But, with all of the variables involved in every level and setting up our own costly credit card accepting system, we gave up the dream of online entry; that is until we heard about Entryeeze.

I met Lisa at the Buffalo Governing Council where she gave me an overview of her program and how it would work for us.  Our competition is in August, and I just couldn't give up another 4th of July Holiday weekend being available for late entries, phone calls, faxes and FedEx deliveries.

I was tired of singing the registrar blues: losing two and a half months to registering our competition, chasing down USFSA numbers, coaches who don't look at entry forms and want their skater moved to the correct event after the schedule and groups are posted and lastly e-mailing for club permission because the form wasn't signed.

Do you believe you should be able to have a personal life and volunteer for your figure skating club too?  If so, then give Entryeeze a try.  Thank you Lisa and Jeff for making such a useful program!

Audrey von Zabern
Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club
Anaheim, CA


While the Skating Club of Morris, NJ, has a long history of organizing figure skating competitions, this year we introduced a new fall competition, the Little Swizzle.  Moreover, the organizing team was new to this function as well.  We saw the EntryEeze system as a great potential tool for streamlining the registration process for the event.  Lisa and Jeff gave us a great introductory overview to the product.  We discovered the product does a lot more and we were sold!

They helped us through the process.  All of the interfaces are easy to use and for those with competition experience it is a simple do it yourself process to load the events and other competition information.  The system creates great reports that simplify registration and provide the data needed by the referee.  We will to use it again for the Morris Open this spring.

Marty Oberman & Wendell Miyaji
Skating Club of Morris
Morris, NJ


Our figure skating club hosts an invitational competition each year and up to now, we've offered only paper entries via regular mail. It was EXTREMELY time consuming manually submitting 400 entries. Between human error and applications getting lost in the mail, we were not reaching a 100% satisfaction rate, which is something we strive for each and every year.

This year we tried a new approach. EntryEeze created an online system for our competitors which radically reduced the number of paper entries. Skaters could enter their information and events themselves and even sign up for practice ice times that more suited their schedules - instead of having it assigned. Having this system freed up our registrar to assist with other tasks equally important in the organization of our competition.

With this new system, our skaters, parents, coaches and administrators could access necessary information with a few easy key strokes versus making phone calls and typing emails. It cut our paperwork down, gave our skaters up-to-the-minute information and was extremely user-friendly. I am grateful for this product and thank EntryEeze for allowing our competition to run smoother from start to finish.

Sharon Lebron-Frank, President & Registrar
Centennial Skating Club
Colorado Springs, CO

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